“Success thy name is MakeMe IAS

MakeMe IAS.com is a movement for creative excellence in UPSC Civil Services Preparation by bringing onto surface the extraordinary talent that each of us are possessed with.

In Vedas there is an aphorism “Aham Brahmāsmi"
(अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि)
, meaning that all of us are possessed with supreme abilities. We bring to you using the power of technology a top yet very affordable educational content that would not only transform your life but all bring a positive change in the life of millions of needy people once you realise your dream of becoming a Civil servant.

Our services have been created to fulfil the needs of every aspirant who, even if sitting in the remotest villages of Nagaland with a fire the belly would just be a click away from best guidance so that he/she is able to ”Bring the change he/she wants to see in the world”. Our content has been created by previous years toppers so that you get the best of the guidance, techniques, study strategy, exam practice, resources that would keep your preparation on right track.

We do not promise you moon, but with the ignition of your inner potential then even sky would not be a limit. It’s your hard work in conjunction with our expert guidance we assure you that you would not only get selected but would emerge as a topper. All the Best!

We are obsessed with providing you best in-class online educational content that has the potential of transforming India’s abundant human capital by not only helping the aspirants realising the immediate goal of clearing IAS Exam, but becoming “Future Transformational Leaders”.

Our Vision is to create Transformational Leaders who by using our expert guidance get to fulfil their dreams and help India become a future “VISHVA GURU”.